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20240618 Mouldy Goes to Seville – MGS Session 089

Las Herencias


Thank you for visiting the site where we aim to provide regular updates of the challenge Mouldy Goes to Seville

In earlier sessions we explained how we would simulate the cycle, you can read about it here

Todays route

The cycle route today was following the route from Talavera de la reina to Las Herencias 

The direction of travel was running south through the Iberian Peninsula, and within the Central Plateau

On this session we had climbed over 100 feet and remain at 1200 feet above sea level

Having skirted in and out Castilla y León and the autonomous region of Community of Madrid the cycle had now entered the region of Castilla–La Mancha

The route, including the climbing had some similarities of the route from Santander and the R2L in 2017, up onto the Spanish plains. (Lovely memories of the R2L Team and beautiful country of Spain)

We enclose a screen shot/s from bkool application of routes/ sessions

Session 089 Route

Progress in this session

From Strava we enclose screen shots of what was achieved in this session

Today’s cycle

Prior to the cycle today during the past two weeks, I had experienced some challenges with pain and tension.

With medical advise received, determined that that rest would be my best friend

With some challenges in recent days, had decided to make a short cycle allowing that we can gauge reactions.

The landscape in this session related largely to a reasonably flat cycle with descents and elevations being around +- 2 % throughout

This cycle is all about gradually building myself up, with a focus on sustainability where we hope to avoid any major injury relapse. You can read more about the why here.

Today’s kit

Focusing on comfort and the fact that I am a big frame, tight lycra is currently not my friend.

Therefore I decided to wear something more comfortable from the Celtic shirt collection and plan to do so for the foreseeable future

Keeping with the theme of goalkeeper shirt’s, I wore the Gold Goalkeeper shirt from Season 2012 / 2013 by Nike with the 1888-2013 clearly showing on the crest !

This shirt brings back special memories as it is one of the goalkeeper shirts which was worn during the 2 in a row league and Scottish cup winning campaign

125 4 125 – Celtic Foundation

During the same season this brings back amazing memories of the champions league win against Barcelona at Celtic Park the night after the clubs 125th Anniversary at St Mary’s and include an amazing video memory of this

The kit is pictured below with a pleasant back drop of three strips, one being the hooped jerseys that we wore against Barcelona on that very special evening of 7th November 2012.

The picture also includes two white strips with the Celtic cross on the chest which celebrates the history of Celtic, each of these strips are by Nike.

These strips have a special place in my heart is they were presented to both myself and Dad in the dressing room at Barrowfield, by Jane McGuire from the Celtic FC Foundation

This was after we had completed the epic cycling journey from Brother Walfrid’s home place in Ballymote in Sligo, to Celtic Park, where as part of a team of seven, six cyclists and my Dad as support driver we cycled over four days and helped to raise thousands for the 1254125 campaign of Celtic foundation

Kit = 2012 2013 – Celtic – Goalkeeper shirt – Gold

Progress to date = Mouldy Goes to Seville = Following actual GPX route – Sessions

  SessionsMiles cycled Feet climbed Minutes cycled

The above sessions, miles, feet climbed and minutes relate to the “actual” progress being made by Mouldy as he goes to Seville, this is done by replicating and following the GPX route as taken by his friends when they Cycled to Seville in May 2023

Progress – Rehabilitation work prior to the starting cycle (End of July to September 2023)

Rehab SessionsRehab Miles MilesRehab Minutes

The above sessions, miles and Minutes relate to rehabilitation work that we under went prior to commencing the main event, Mouldy goes to Seville cycle

Overall progress including Rehabilitation work:

Qty 123 Sessions

Qty 1078 Miles

Qty 5285 Minutes


Today, We passed a milestone of having completed 75 % of the challenge with over 750 miles cycled, and over 45,000 feet climbed and over 3800 minutes of cycling.

Overall Milestones:

From being very nervous about doing 10 minute cycles at end of July 2023 as part of the rehabilitation work, we are delighted to have commenced making dents into the Spanish Sector of “Mouldy Goes To Seville Cycle”

Special thanks to our Physio Mr Brian Scott for helping with the rehabilitation and ongoing support.


Charity project

In 2009 I was able to help make first charity real cycling Project to help bringing Martin “Kano” home campaign, you can read about it here

In 2012, we shared some lovely memories of the 1254125 cycle from Brother Walfrid’s home, Ballymote in Sligo to Celtic Park.

This also represented the first of many cycles on behalf of the Celtic FC Foundation throughout the years

With health challenges during past couple of years, we do not take it for granted that we will always be able to make large cycles.

As one of the the key objectives of the project is to help raise awareness and funds for “Celtic FC Foundation

We also take this opportunity to thank everyone out there for their continued encouragement and support on this cycle and each of the cycles made during the past 15 years.

Please support my cycle by donating at

celtic fc foundation

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